The 4 great advantages of using a precabled conduit: comfort, speed, safety and savings

The use of the precabled conduit in the construction of the plants is widespread throughout Europe: in fact, compared to a common empty conduit, the precabled conduit has greater advantages in terms of both savings and security.

The precabled is a corrugated plastic conduit that presents, already inserted inside, the electric cables necessary for a fast and efficient installation. Let's see what benefits make it an excellent system.


Time savings 

The "traditional" procedure foresees, initially, the laying of the corrugated cunduit in which only at a later time the electric wires are inserted. The two-part insertion of the two different elements can be translated into a waste of time in this avoidable way.

Secondly, the threading of cables at a later time must be preceded by a study on the wire distribution system and then accompanied by constant attention from the operators to prevent the wires from blocking inside the already inserted conduit in the plant.

Thanks to the precabled conduit, the work is simplified, since the conduit is already ready with all the necessary wires. This type of installation can be performed by a single person, which means that you can save the cost of another operator's working day.

Saving money and manpower

Using a precabled conduit for the installation of an electrical system is clearly cheaper from an economic point of view.

It is not the cost of the product itself that makes it possible to generate the advantage, since a precabled conduit has a price that does not differ much from that of a corrugated cable and the necessary wires. The real advantage is mostly for cost cuts in terms of manpower. In fact, using a precabled conduit does not require the collaboration of other assistants or collaborators, neither for transport nor for laying.

Greater safety when installing the system

The precabled conduit are manufactured in full compliance with current regulations: the conduits are made of very versatile materials able to reach high thermal and mechanical resistance. Polypropylene is one of the most used materials in this sector for the formation of pipes, it is an extremely handy and decidedly flexible instrument. Compared to traditional PVC pipes, the PPL is priced lower and guarantees a wide versatility, from industrial systems to the electrical circuit of a house thanks to its good temperature resistance, ease of processing and high chemical resistance.

Inside, the pipes are lubricated and allow a smooth sliding of the electric wires, which can be retracted or retracted with greater ease: in this way, the insertion does not damage the cables and ensures that the system is perfectly compliant.

Most of these pipes are also available with a low emission of smokes, a feature that makes them particularly resistant and useful for applications in places where the risk of fire is high or where high safety standards are required.

But the main feature that makes the precabled conduit much safer than traditional solutions is not having to handle the electric cables inside, minimizing the risk of accidents to the operators involved in the implementation.

Convenience of use and storage

In addition to the already listed advantages of a faster and safer laying, the precabled conduit ensures greater convenience of use from the moment of purchase thanks to its packaging: the metric marking allows you to buy the necessary quantity without waste and always know how many meters are still available, and the codes in the package allow you to choose the most suitable cable to the need, choosing between different technical levels of resistance, from compression to temperature and the penetration of materials inside.

The advantage of always knowing how many meters are still available also translates as a need for less space inside the warehouse to contain the advanced coils, but this benefit is still present even in the case of large purchases of material, as a precabled conduit occupies half the space with respect to the corresponding empty conduit in which the electric cables must be inserted in a second moment.

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Posted by Redazione on July 26, 2018

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