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The advantages of pre-wiring

The pre-wiring, in electronics, refers to the whole series of operations in the field of rewiring that serve to optimize the normal execution times and to prevent possible errors. This normally saves time and costs, as well as greater safety for both installers and users of the electrical system.

While as regards the design of an electrical system on a new building, it is possible to choose positioning with greater freedom and how to intervene, when intervening on existing buildings and thinking about re-wiring the system, the question may be more complex. But let's go with order.

What does rewiring mean?

For rewiring it is meant to literally renew the entire cable system generally present in each housing structure. This operation can be carried out for reasons of safety, maintenance or simply to update the old electrical system even outside the norm to adapt it to current laws. In this last case, rewiring a house can be decisive between the possibility of still having the habitability certificate or not having it, with the related consequences.

Once the possibility of being able to carry out the rewiring in safety has been established, it is necessary to decide how to operate. Re-wiring a structure is in fact a complex operation, which can take time and is not totally risk-free, since it is in constant contact with electrically conductive cables, but not only. A single error during the whole operation can also compromise the conditions of a building, let alone if the accident involves an entire building. In these cases it is good to rely on real professionals, experts not only in the field of rewiring but, above all, able to operate a complete pre-cabling.

What is pre-wiring?

The pre-wiring consists of all the operations of testing and checking the quality of the components before the actual wiring is carried out. This operation stems from the need to optimize production times and, above all, to avoid all those errors that may occur during the operation. The pre-wiring can be implemented in three different ways, such as:

  • parallel
  • cab serial
  • completely serial


The type of pre-wiring will obviously vary according to the already existing wiring that characterizes a given structure, it will therefore be necessary to carry out a first inspection to understand the conditions of the installation and how it is structured to then plan the implementation methods. As we have already said, the pre-wiring is an operation to be done scrupulously and efficiently because it depends not only on the success of the subsequent executions but also on the realization in a short time. The pre-cabling in fact, was created with the aim of facilitating the rewiring operations, also allowing upstream guarantees on the quality, operation and suitability of the cables that will be chosen for replacing the existing ones.

The advantages of pre-wiring

The pre-wiring operation of a structure has many advantages:

  • the possibility of testing the operation of cables and materials used prior to installation
  • eliminate a large percentage of installation errors
  • prevent the decay of the entire cable system of the structure
  • adapt a system to the criteria currently in force
  • guarantee greater safety to those who use the housing structure and not
  • satisfy the customer in advance by showing them the replacement product and the quality of the same.

When is the pre-wiring necessary?

The pre-wiring operation can be performed whenever you are forced to rewire your cable system. Generally, every 15 years it may be necessary to have a rewiring operation, or at least a verification of the system to verify its functionality and its compliance. There are also cases of structures that for over 30 years have maintained their electrical system unchanged or due to negligence, often due to unawareness that it should be verified if it is adequate to current regulations. It is also true that if you are not forced by external events, it is often an operation that is considered, erroneously, unimportant, therefore omitted.
The pre-wiring is therefore indicated in all cases where it is necessary to verify whether or not to intervene on the existing electrical system or to test the quality and operation of the new system.

However, the pre-wiring operation can also affect the most modern and apparently adequate structures which however present problems in terms of energy conduction. A failure, a small short circuit or other external events can in fact irreparably compromise the functioning of an entire house.

Check the efficiency of your system, especially if you have a few years now or if you suspect a malfunction is certainly a piece of advice we feel we can give. And should maintenance or replacement be necessary, the pre-wiring is to be hoped for without reservations because it allows you to adapt your structure to the best of the existing regulations, which we remind are designed to guarantee safety to the components of the housing unit, as well as the technician who eventually it will have to operate.


Posted by Redazione on November 12, 2019

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