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The advantages of using prewired conduits in major works

The main advantage of prewired conduits is the saving of time, since the traditional procedure would first provide for the laying of the corrugated pipe and its fixing to the floor or along the walls, and only later the insertion of the electric cables.

The saving of time

Before that, a study of the wires’ distribution system and a constant monitoring is often planned to prevent cables from being stuck along the pipe. It is a very laborious and long process, due to the kilometers of wires that are usually involved in large works such as hospitals and schools. In addition, the installation of pre-threaded pipes requires the use of less manpower, with a further reduction in time


The saving of money

If the classic combination that “time is money” works… we understand how also in this case, using pipes with pre-threaded cables represents an advantage also from an economic point of view.


The storage of the material

The economic advantage of prewired conduits is also seen in the storage phase of the material: using the traditional procedure, you have to store both the corrugated pipes and the various cables to be inserted on site. This means kilometers of cables and piles of reels to reserve space for, as well as having to transport them to the site. The pipes with prewired conduits can instead be transported to the site at the time of use, without leaving them on site for weeks (at best) with any problems involved, including theft of electrical equipment.

Here in Mon Plast the pipes with prewired conduits also represent a guarantee of safety and compliance with the standards for the materials.


Materials more resistant to thermal and mechanical stress

The materials used to construct the corrugated pipes must be able to withstand both thermal and mechanical stress conditions.

Among the most used materials for prewired conduits is polypropylene, basically the same material that is also used to make baby bottles, practically indestructible and very handy and flexible.

In fact, polypropylene is up to 3 times stronger than traditional PVC, considerably reducing the possibility of breakage even when subjected to heavy loads, such as in the construction site area. Furthermore, it is also impermeable to micro-fractures. These two characteristics are very important when laying the pipes which must then be incorporated into the liquid cement for example. If they had micro-cracks, the cement would run inside the pipe, obstructing the opening of it and effectively blocking the cables to the internal and possible passage of new or future replacements. There may also be infiltrations of other liquids such as water. 


Self-extinguishing materials

Among other important features is its self-extinguishing; in case of fire it does not spread the flame but goes out by itself in 3 seconds. In addition, in the event of a fire, the PVC pipes of a traditional electrical system release halogen gases which are harmful and they also obscure the environment in the event of evacuation. Polypropylene pipes, on the other hand, do not release halogen gases and because of it are increasingly requested throughout Northern Europe but also for us for the construction of public buildings such as hospitals, schools, etc., the materials are required to be halogen free.

And if you think that all these features are offset by a higher price than traditional PVC pipes… you are wrong! Serious manufacturers of polypropylene corrugated pipes with prewired conduits do not charge for these advantages a higher cost than PVC pipes. This is because the standards are moving in the direction of greater efficiency and safety for all… and the PP pipes do nothing but accommodate these requests.

In short, prewired conduits truly represent the synthesis of comfort and efficiency.

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Posted by Redazione on November 6, 2020

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