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The advantages of prefabricated houses with prearranged electrical systems

The installation of an electrical system represents a more or less complex process during a prefabricated building’s planning and must be planned at the very beginning of the activities. Before going any further, let us make something clear: the prefabricated houses we are talking about are models with structures and plans designed specifically for the end customer who wants an alternative home, so they are not the ones used in an emergency scenario.

The importance of a prearranged electrical system

Through a specific study of the building’s shape, it is essential to consider any constructive and design solutions to create a prefabricated house. First of all, it would be advantageous to respect the orientation of solar radiation during the design phase. After that, considering the electrical system, materials must be definitely evaluated, and it is necessary to understand which is the suitable insulation to ensure that no type of inconvenience arises in the arrangement of the system itself with the other elements of the house.
In most cases, prefabricated houses’ systems do not have particular differences with those installed in traditional buildings because the needs are almost the same, but the materials, which they come into contact with, must be evaluated.

The preparation of electrical systems in prefabricated houses

In prefabricated buildings, the electrical system is part of the entire construction project planned by the company, which actually holds the building permit. The document plant has to be provided to the competent Municipality.
Speaking of masonry constructions, once the building project is approved, the construction company will build the house and then trace it with the necessary systems. Furthermore, the company will always take care of the check or cutting of the walls where the junction boxes and empty conduits will then be placed.

On the other hand, as regards the prefabricated houses, the construction procedure foresees different ways and times together with a series of advantages.
In traditional buildings, the customer does not have to decide on the positioning of the electrical systems for his home immediately, while in prefabricated houses it is essential to plan every single point of the system in detail. The system’s arrangement must be carried out at the same time as the production of the walls or other parts of the house that will be brought to the construction site already prepared with the electrical connections and conduits.

The same goes for prefabricated wooden houses (generally used, however, for emergency situations), where the positions of the system and consequently the placement of furniture and furnishings are planned upstream.


The advantages of electrical systems in prefabricated houses

Once the electrical systems is set up according to the customer's needs, the designer has to carefully develop and decide all the various conduits and wires’ positions in the house. After that, he is able to see its realization without any troubles.
Finding specific solutions and carefully deciding everything down to the smallest detail is not easy at all.

A greater commitment is required for the kitchen room for example, as a specific executive project is needed for the arrangement of each switch, socket and light; so the kitchen has to be decided already before installing the whole system. So then for all the other rooms. All components that need plugs, switches etc. must be evaluated and so the various heights and distances, to avoid last minute changes that in a prefabricated house are not recommended.
This construction method allows a rapid delivery of the building, which is certainly not negligible, without considering the possibility of customizing the system according to the chosen structure of the house. It is a different concept of "living", whose electrical system is one of the possible customizations and of course, an experienced professional figure is required.

In this regard, we at Mon Plast are available to help you choose the most suitable conduits in relation to the type of systems that you need.

Posted by Redazione on November 30, 2020

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