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How to replace one of the electrical cables inside a corrugated conduit

Posted by Redazione il July 1, 2020

Topic: electric cables, electricity sector, electrical equipment

From a building point of view, plastic pipes represent a valid and widely used solution both for the transport of fluids and for accommodating...

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Techniques for joining corrugated pipes

Posted by Redazione il May 13, 2020

Topic: electric cables, electrical equipment

During the installation works of an electrical system, home automation or similar, it may happen that you are in the situation of having to join...

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The disposal of electric cables: standards and safety

Posted by Redazione il May 1, 2020

Topic: electric cables, electricity sector

Today we will try to outline the main characteristics and regulations that govern the world of electrical cables, from materials and its areas of...

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What are the advantages of using copper in cables?

Posted by Redazione il April 16, 2020

Topic: electricity sector

The choice of one conductive material over another is explained by the different uses, as well as the safety and efficiency requirements that the...

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Rigid conduit or flexible corrugated Conduit? which do you use...

Posted by Redazione il April 3, 2020

Topic: precabled conduit, electricity sector

The choice of the type of conduit to be used for safe and tidy cable wiring is fundamental: we compare here the rigid conduit and the corrugated...

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Industrial wiring: needs and solutions

Posted by Redazione il December 30, 2020

Topic: electricity sector, electrical equipment

Industrial wiring plays a fundamental role in the interconnection of an electricity, telephone or internet network. It is in fact the set of...

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