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Home automation system cabling: smart installations for smart homes

The requests for technology and devices to transform a home into a smart home are more and
more frequent.

An environment where home automation helps people to live better and manage internal services through the use of technologies and automatisms in the service of wellbeing and of comfort.

Get home and have the thermostat that adjusts according to the geolocation of the phone, the lights that turn on only when needed, without human intervention, the regulation of light and heat that enters the windows according to certain parameters ... are all request that homeowners are increasingly making to electricians and installers.

Connection between objects and connection to the web, becomes the mantra to which, now, the electrician can not escape.

The careful design of the wiring of the house and the distribution of wireless points, therefore
become an integral part of a service.

The choice of the right devices to offer or the ability to integrate those required by customers, within a home, is part of the know-how that determines the service degree of those who sell or install these new appliances and devices. With the consequent customer satisfaction.


The advantages of home automation

The interest generated by home automation continues to grow: the search for "Smart Home
Global Market Report" estimates that the global business volume around it will reach USD 107
billion by 2023.

It is easy to understand the reason by thinking only of the advantages that home automation
entails once the system is installed:

  • greater security, as it allows the integration of video surveillance systems or risk mitigation systems that warn the user in case of dangerous leaks,
  • energy savings, because it monitors residential consumption and manages energy needs
  • better quality of life, thanks to the management of the entire system by a simple click
  • greater control, at a distance or less, using a simple smartphone
  • a considerable increase in the value of the property, as technology and comfort have become a real determining factor in the real estate market.

Turning a traditional home into a smart home

The market is therefore increasing the demand and the increasing spread of building constructions already provided with integrated home automation systems and renovations that provide for it.

When approaching a home automation project, a very important role is played by the laying of the wires, which must be carried out in the best possible way, in order to guarantee an interaction and an optimal connection between the different devices.

The connection between the different technologies takes place through a special dedicated cable that allows the transmission of information between the various devices, which must be extended along the entire system: the current standard does not provide that it should be inserted into a dedicated conduit, but it is preferable with respect to the opposite solution, which consists in inserting it in the same conduit (with other cables) and paying attention to the insulation voltage of the different cables inside it.

The consequence is that the home automation system increases the amount of conduit required,
and, as a consequence, increases the laying and wiring times of the cables inside the pipes.

The precabled system for home automation

The precabled conduit is a cheap and quick solution that replaces the laying of empty conduit in which the cables are inserted at a later time.

The precabled conduit allows the simultaneous laying of conduit with the necessary cables already inside, thus guaranteeing a considerable saving of time because it reduces in fact the installation time useful for laying the conduits and then making the wiring.

In the case of home automation connected to the system, the advantage is even more evident because, if it is preferable to avoid placing more conduits for safety reasons, it is instead possible to guarantee a quick and easy installation from one person, thus saving even the cost of labor.

The safety, moreover, is addressed both to the system and to the installer who must handle the cables during the wiring phase, an action that can be dangerous if not carried out with care and attention and may also lead to damage to the cables themselves.

Using the precabled conduit to make the electrical and home automation system of a house is the best method to guarantee quality work and, at the same time, a fast and economical installation, thanks to the saving of time and money.

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Posted by Redazione on October 3, 2018

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