Cable integrity: what should be protected from?

Posted by Redazione il December 22, 2019

Topic: electricity sector

Protecting the integrity of the cables is really important for an operator working in this sector. This is one of the most visible aspects even...

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How to make an electrical system quickly, safely and lastingly

Posted by Redazione il November 21, 2019

Topic: electric cables, precabled conduit

The construction of an electrical system is an important aspect in any construction project or building renovation because it must be safe, in...

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The advantages of pre-wiring

Posted by Redazione il November 12, 2019

Topic: electric cables

The pre-wiring, in electronics, refers to the whole series of operations in the field of rewiring that serve to optimize the normal execution...

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The best wiring for modular buildings

Posted by Redazione il October 29, 2019

Topic: electric cables, home automation

The term "wiring" generally refers to the set of cables, connectors, physical systems, infrastructures ... which allow interconnection, in a...

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Because a satisfied customer is the dream of every retailer of electrical materials

Posted by Redazione il October 15, 2019

A common mistake for many retailers,  not only in the electrical equipment sector, is to believe that "the important thing is to sell": regardless...

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Electricity sector: when can you take advantage of the 2019 Green Bonus?

Posted by Redazione il October 2, 2019

Topic: electricity sector

Electrical interventions are of primary importance for a home, and generally have a high cost: for this reason, when it is possible to benefit...

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