Home automation system cabling: smart installations for smart homes

Posted by Redazione il October 3, 2018

Topic: home automation

The requests for technology and devices to transform a home into a smart home are more andmore frequent.

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Fire prevention: the importance of choosing electrical materials

Posted by Redazione il August 9, 2018

The choice of electrical materials, and especially their coatings, is a major factor in preventing the onset and spread of fires.

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Electric cables: safety standards and halogen free market

Posted by Redazione il August 2, 2018

Topic: electric cables

From the 1st July 2017, the CPR Regulation came into force in all European countries, in the field of environmental safety for all energy and...

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Electric cables in PVC and PPE: what you need to know

Posted by Redazione il July 30, 2018

Substantial technical differences exist between the use of classic PVC coverings and PPE electric cables for construction work involving the...

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The 4 great advantages of using a precabled conduit: comfort, speed, safety and savings

Posted by Redazione il July 26, 2018

The use of the precabled conduit in the construction of the plants is becoming increasingly widespread throughout Europe and also in our country.

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Construction site security with PPE cables

Posted by Redazione il July 20, 2018

Topic: electric cables

Safety at work, in addition to being a legislative priority, is obviously fundamental to protect workers' health.Regarding safety on construction...

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