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Photovoltaic systems: do they need special electrical systems?

There are still false beliefs when it comes to photovoltaic systems that create some confusion among people who believe that these technological devices require advanced maintenance as well as special wiring, but this is not the case at all. Photovoltaic systems can be connected to common electrical systems. It is therefore not necessary to install new electrical systems or innovate existing ones, if they are functioning. Furthermore, these systems do not require any particular maintenance except for a periodic check of the whole electrical system to avoid overvoltage difficulties or damage caused by wear or external agents.

A periodic cleaning is required approximately 1-2 times each year. In fact, the photocells of photovoltaic systems are cleaned by rain and wind.

However, maintenance works are necessary to remove any debris, even small ones that could settle on.  The inverter, which represents the central part of the entire photovoltaic system, needs more attention. We recommend a thorough check every 5 years because the quantity of electricity produced and therefore usable depends on the operating quality of it.

The simple and sporadic maintenance of both the inverter and the photovoltaic panels therefore make the photovoltaic system particularly suitable for many people. Photovoltaic panels installed can last for a very long time (even decades), especially in favorable conditions. They do not get dirty easily and, like the whole electrical system, they do not require constant maintenance. All these make them a perfect solution to the needs of many people.

The latter is mainly produced in well-lit solar areas. The presence of the sun is one of the few factors that has to be considered when installing a photovoltaic system in a home.


The connection between the photovoltaic system and the electrical system

The photovoltaic modules cover the entire surface of the system. They are usually positioned on the roof, and facing the sun. These modules are able to produce a direct electric current and are connected to the inverter, which transforms the type of electrical current in alternating one. The user can then decide whether to use the electricity produced for his own needs or whether to transfer it to the grid. Normally this system is connected both to the home electrical system and to the entire nearby network. This system, however, it can also be used to produce electricity in isolated homes.

In addition, these kind of systems are equipped with batteries to store the excess electricity produced during the sunny hours, in order to be able to exploit it at night or with less radiation.

The same professionals who are responsible for the panels’ installation on the roof of the house do the connection to the electrical system. Particular attention conditions are not required, but the precautions that a good installer commonly takes during his work are enough.

The photovoltaic system thus installed can be immediately used and after its installation any other particular action are not required to perform. The only precaution to do, as mentioned before, concerns the periodic maintenance. Often the same company that runs the photovoltaic system also offers maintenance services, which is obviously preferred.

Many companies also provide a guarantee of variable duration on the installation work of photovoltaic systems. Thanks to it, it is possible to intervene in a rather timely and targeted manner in the event of any malfunctions.

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Posted by Redazione on December 19, 2020

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