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Power outages: causes and remedies

The power outages that our houses experience sometimes, can often have important consequences. In fact, when the electric current returns, it happens that some electronic devices, which are very sensitive to voltage fluctuations, are damaged.

A power outage is the sudden (in a few cases deliberately caused) suspension of electricity.
The triggering cause is usually an excessive and immediate request for an amount of electricity beyond a tolerance threshold. If it is exceeded, it leads to consequences on the various electrical devices connected to the system.

Less frequently, power outages are caused by lightning strikes during thunderstorms or by special calamities or accidents (for example, a tree falling on high voltage wires).

The most frequent problems caused by power outages

The most frequent damages that can occur after a power outage are the loss of data (perhaps important) in computers, damaged power supplies in terms of performance and negative influences or malfunctions on both small and large appliances.

If we try to translate these damages into costs, we understand how problematic a power outage can be. Repurchasing of ruined raw materials (food for example); repairing of damaged machinery; renting of equipment to replace damaged ones in order to be able to do not stop the production; if in the workplace, people may stop working; and many other damages.

How to remedy the power outages?

Power outages are often resolved with do-it-yourself remedies, in a rush to restore the previous situation; even if fixing can often cause even further dangers.

It is therefore not recommended to:

  • Fix the damage by manipulating the electrical system if you are not an expert in the sector; and even less if you don't have the right tools.
    Warning: the same warning applies if you are dealing with a non-certified plant or for which you do not have documentation that complies with the law.
  • Buy uninterruptible power supplies whose quality and use are unknown because they offer no protection in case of power surges.

    Instead, the things we recommend doing are more useful:
  • In the event of thunderstorms, disconnect any device connected to the electrical system. This way, power surges will have no way of causing damage,
  • Apply overvoltage and undervoltage protection devices directly to the plugs,
  • Have a voltage limiter installed inside the electrical panel.

    Particular attention goes to the electrical system itself that has to be built in an optimal manner. Many times, in fact, it is just how a plant is built that causes power outages. When analysing the quality of an installation, these signals must be considered:
  •  Does the differential switch trip often?
  • Are the wall sockets damaged or have exposed wires?
  • Is this plant over 20 years old?

    Even just a YES to these trivial questions must lead to the need of contact a competent professional who can analyse the criticalities of the system and give the most suitable solution.

Power outages are more frequent than expected, and in any case relying on an expert who knows the procedures is suggested. By consulting his opinion, it is easy to obtain the right support without incurring further damage, also thanks to his competence in choosing the tubes that best comply with the appliances of a home or in the workplace.

Even the tubes make the difference! Both for the materials with which they are built and for the specific use they have, as well as for the possibility of having the necessary cables already pre-wired, therefore more protected and specific for the devices of interest.
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Posted by Redazione on January 12, 2021

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