Because a satisfied customer is the dream of every retailer of electrical materials

A common mistake for many retailers,  not only in the electrical equipment sector, is to believe that "the important thing is to sell": regardless of whether a customer is satisfied or not, it can happen that when the fee is collected, you are not interested in what happened before buying, and don't look at what happens next.

Even if the entry of money is conspicuous, and it is not known if the customer will present himself again for a new expense, trying to offer him a memorable service and making him satisfied with his shopping experience is not only a matter of professional ethics, but a marketing strategy.

This is because customer satisfaction - as well as having a positive impact on the climate that the company creates - directly affects the number and quality of sales, not to mention the generation of new contacts and the lowering of the average acquisition cost of a customer.

How customer satisfaction benefits your business

Satisfying a customer has positive repercussions on the image of your company, which will earn the reputation of being able to provide its buyers with what they want. This fame is usually created through marketing campaigns aimed precisely at advertising your brand and your service.

If you make your customers happy, this phenomenon will be amplified thanks to word of mouth that will be created following your interactions with them, making it more credible and effective: how?


If you ask any merchant if he thinks he can do his job well, the answer can only be positive: after all, nobody is interested in spoiling his professional profile. For this reason, we are unlikely to trust anyone who praises himself.

On the contrary, we listen and trust those who selflessly promote a business reality from which they have been satisfied: this is because it is natural that if they are doing so they must have experienced an above-average shopping experience, to the point that they recommend it to other consumers.

For this reason, word of mouth is the most “pure” and effective conversion tool available to companies, especially in an age when everyone is flocking to the web and competing to get noticed, sometimes even luring their potential customers with promises that go beyond their abilities, carried out only to look better than their competitors, making the average user much more suspicious of what they read on the Internet.


The opinion of particularly satisfied customers can maximize your online performance, in the form of case histories, or documents that explain in detail how you have provided for the needs of your buyers.

In this way, the visitor who will be interacting with your advertising pages or with your site will be able to identify with them, for example by recognizing in the service performed for them what they are looking for themselves.

By placing these "interviews" after the list of services and products you propose, you can count on one more tool to convince your readers that you are the seller for them, counting on the support of those you have previously satisfied: for example, enter the testimony of one of your customers who has been satisfied with the quick delivery, or the variety of your catalog, and who will need a fast service or a well-stocked retailer will know that you are the person for him.

Customer satisfaction in the electricity sector

Everything we have said in the previous chapter has an even greater value for those operating in the electricity sector: for an electrical retailer, obtaining a new customer translates into the opportunity to start a professional relationship with a generally high, and therefore highly profitable, duration. time.

This means that maintaining a customer is even more important than finding a new one, both due to the high acquisition costs and the rarity of the right target. The satisfaction of the acquired customer generates loyalty to the brand, and consequently drastically reduces the chances of abandonment; at the same time, it generates the aforementioned word of mouth, which in a totally free way to create a reputation around the brand and the company that can attract new contacts interested in purchasing, practically at no cost.

The high duration of the average customer plays a fundamental role in the business of an electrical retailer: the latter can take advantage of various occasions to increase satisfaction, with all the associated advantages. Here are the main strategies for retaining a customer:

  • customize services: when a client sees himself offering customized solutions, he will feel special and more inclined to accept your offers; and remember, a customer who feels special is a satisfied customer.
    Example: always start professional conversations with a short interview to understand the needs of your customers, and make proposals.
  • measure satisfaction: what may seem like a good idea to you may not find approval in your client, but you will not always be told explicitly; be sure to check if your audience likes what you do.
    Example: propose to your customers short questionnaires or request feedback on your services, encouraging them to help you improve your service.
  • diversify the offers: when you conclude a deal, don't think that your work is finished: keep up to date with news and share relevant information with your customers; proving yourself active and proactive will reward you.
    Example: having a wide variety of products available can give you an edge to keep the interest of your customers alive and to link one sale to another.
  • speak directly with customers: it is of fundamental importance to create a direct and constant communication channel with customers, in order to establish a professional relationship that will portray you as a figure available and open to dialogue.
    Example: even if you have little time available, consider an investment that you dedicate to your customers, as it will avoid misunderstandings and make them feel followed.


In short, if you want to win the trust of your customers - and give an upward thrust to your business - you will have to know how to balance commercial experience and humanity: after all, the modern buyer first of all wants a personalized treatment, corresponding to the its needs - and the electricity sector is no exception.

Indeed, as we have seen, there are many ways for an electrical retailer to consolidate his relationship with customers and increase their satisfaction: do not hesitate if these methods absorb a small part of economic and temporal resources, since these are solutions able to amply repay the investment they require.

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Posted by Redazione on October 15, 2019

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