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The convenience of precabled conduit in tenders

When we speak of precabled conduit we mean a unique solution of corrugated with the cables already inserted.

They can be used for the distribution of electricity, for the diffusion of the lighting system, but also to guarantee the exchange of data and information through the network cable in home automation.

Its use is becoming more widely used because it guarantees a series of advantages that the installation of just the empty conduit can hardly replicate.
Between these:

  • the possibility of cutting in half the installation time and using only one operator.
  • greater safety because the workers must handle only the conduit (the electrical cables are already inside)
  • easy installation thanks to the distribution of the weight of the conductors which stabilizes the conduit
  • saving money by reducing manpower and eliminating the risks involved in the wiring, including damage to the cables or difficulty in inserting them
  • the possibility of inserting further cables in the same corrugated pipe at a later time

What are the areas in which the precabled allows you to get the best performance?
Let's see them together.

When it is better to use the precabled conduit

Using the precabled conduit for a building's plant offers a competitive advantage due to the halving of the time needed to install the conduit, allowing a quick and economic work to be carried out while maintaining high quality standards.

Speed and convenience are aspects required in any activity, in particular are indispensable requirements for companies that participate in public tenders.

To take part in the tender, the company of interest must submit a project that falls within the conditions described in the announcement. The latter also contains the award criteria by which the winning company is chosen, which coincides with the project with the lowest cost among the

The precabled conduit succeeds in avoiding the wiring phase of the electrical system that usually takes away a good part of the time necessary to make a building and reduces the total cost of the installation.

In particular:

  • speed up the work in series due to the replication of the electrical system on every floor of buildings or homes
  • allows an easy, efficient and orderly installation, starting from the distribution box to which the necessary pipes are connected. The use of the precabled conduit is extremely useful in the construction of the traditional system to which other conduits can be connected at a later time.
  • the precabled conduit complies with the latest European directives regarding safety standards, in which the traceability of the construction cables is requested and in which the cables must respect the safety and fire resistance standards
  • safety is not only assured by the material used to build the cable and its resistance to extreme conditions, but also by ensuring that the cable already present in the corrugated conduit is intact and fully functional, a condition that may be missing in case of manual wiring, which could cause
    too much tension to the cable or damage the protective sheath.


We talked specifically about tenders and the clear advantage that the precabled conduit carries in a project of this kind, but its qualities can easily be applied to any type of electrical installation.

The main benefit, in fact, is given by the significant reduction of labor costs: the precabled conduit has a slightly higher price compared to the alternative solution of the empty conduit, but manages to recover the advantage thanks to the use of less personal during installation and halving of the time needed for the installation.

In conclusion, the precabled conduit helps you to reduce costs and increase your profit margin.

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Posted by Redazione on October 10, 2018

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