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Tips to choose the right supplier of electrical equipment

The task of the supplier of electrical equipment is of primary importance in industrial installations and in construction in general.

Any electrical negligence, as a result of updates, wiring or repairs by unqualified personnel, can cause fires, accidents and, in the extreme case, deaths.If on the one hand a malfunction of the equipment is something that can be avoided, on the other the way in which the system responds is essential as far as security is concerned.

The goal is to be able to identify a supplier who has a proven track record and who is able to carry out and deliver the work within the pre-established times and budget.

Let's see what are the factors to consider when choosing an electrical equipment supplier.


Discover admissibility and credibility

Finding out what the professional, legal and security requirements are is essential because only by hiring insured and qualified suppliers you’ll be guaranteed to be protected in case of problems.

One way to verify the reliability of the contractor is to examine the references of past customers, if they are positive it will be possible to entrust the project to him and see if the product complies with the regulations in force and has the appropriate certifications.

The primary issues to be paid particular attention to are:

  1. Experience: the requirements to consider an expert supplier depend on the complexity of the job. In general, it is good to hire electric suppliers with a minimum of 2 years of experience, even if more complicated jobs may need more years of experience.
  2. Guarantee the work: find out about the quality of the work done previously and collect reviews both on the respect of the delivery times and on the value of the product received
  3. Availability: discovering availability is fundamental both before and during the time frame of the project as it may be required that the supplier is available for any changes, discussions or other.
  4. Competitive prices: there should be room for bargaining without sacrificing the quality of work.Avoid choosing suppliers that offer services at too low prices, as this could result in a poor service or product with consequent additional costs possibly due to repair or return costs and product replacements.


An aspect not to be overlooked is the location of the potential supplier. Dealing with distant suppliers means higher transport costs and slower delivery times. In case you urgently need a product to deal with a more or less close supplier it is very important, but not fundamental.

Today, in fact, delivery times are significantly reduced more and more, as well as greater efficiency in production processes and timely transport, thus ensuring a quality supply and continuous interaction with the supplier.


Ask questions

Since it is your company, never be afraid to ask questions, especially about those questions that maybe relevant and essential for the success of the work.In this way it will be possible to objectively evaluate the adequacy of the supplier and of the product, above all because after those who will have to use or resell it, it will be you, so it is good to know every detail.



A question may arise spontaneously: where to find serious and competent supplier? The best place to choose electric providers has become the web, where you can find neighbouring companies but also companies from all over the world that you may not have known about but with which it is worth exchanging an interaction and, who knows, concluding an profitable deal.

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Posted by Redazione on June 14, 2019

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