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Useful APP for installers of prewired conduits systems

Prewired conduits are corrugated in plastic material and have electrical cables inside them for making the installations quicker. 

This particular type of tubes has much greater advantages than empty conduits (which must be filled with cables on site), excelling in terms of savings and safety, as well as making the job easier.

In working these particular types of pipes, it is helpful using some modern applications. With just one click, it guides the user with simplicity in a field that can otherwise be complicated.

Let's have a look at some of them.


Useful applications for electricians

  • Electrical Calculations: it’s a perfect application for the calculations of the electrical sector. Among the main calculations we find: section calculation, voltage drop calculation, power factor, resistance, active power and much more. Going into the details of the electronic calculations, this app allows you to find out the resonance frequency, the resistance for LEDs and other utilities such as resistor and inductor color code and SMD resistor code.

  • InstElectric - Electricity: an optimal support that allows the user to perform electrical calculations in a quick and easy way. Other options are: complete sizing of low voltage circuits, phase cable size, load prediction of a building intended for residential use. As reference documents it is based on: IEC standards, REBT, Guide to technical applications, (EU) 2016/364.

  • Cables’ sizing and circuit breakers: an application with Italian support that deals with electrical engineering topics. The contents were reviewed by an electrical engineer who verified all the electrical formulas contained. Among the various options it is possible to calculate ampere for motor and non-motor loads, three-phase and not. It also converts KW to Cv.

  • Electricity course: a free application consisting of a rich library enriched with the best educational sites of French origin. It offers courses on electricity, magnetism, physics of static electricity, electrical systems, methods of calculating resistance in a circuit, electrical risk, general physics, electrical machines and much more.

  • Eureka - Electrical Training: an application that offers useful training content to all electricians who want to learn and stay up to date. It was created to share and make a lot of didactic contents available, referring to the activity of electrical installation engineer, both in the civil and industrial fields. From the app it is possible to go back to a training course for the Professional Qualification of Electronic Plant Engineer.  In addition, the application contains and deals with topics such as: Classification of electrical systems, ground systems, power factor correction, sizing conduits and channels, voltage drop verification, overload line protection, choice of cable section, measurement of the operating current .

  • Practical wiring diagram: the ideal application to understand in a few steps how to create efficient electrical circuits for the home or for a work environment. Inside the application there are clear and well-structured images to have a clear idea right away of how a system must be organized.


The applications available on the web, that deal with the subject of electrical installations, are really many. You have to be a little expert to understand which apps are really useful for your job as an electrician, so we recommend that you always pay attention to the sources so as not to run into bad surprises and perhaps follow incorrect advice. 

The right apps really facilitate the work of an expert, which we would like to emphasize can never be replaced by notions found here and there, without having good theoretical and practical foundations.

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Posted by Redazione on February 14, 2021

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