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What does the future hold for the electricity sector?

In the last two decades, we often talk about the exponential technological development that has characterized the advance of society, obscuring the progress made painstakingly in all other sectors.

Among all, one of the most overlooked ones is the electric one, although it is the most closely connected to the technological field, which is why it is completely legitimate and natural to ask a question that is as simple as crucial: what’s next for the electricity sector?

The relationship between the technological sector and the electricity sector

Taking up the opening topic, it is clear that one of the locomotives of technological development has been the progress made in the field of the electricity sector, which is why it is interesting to evaluate the relationship between these two areas.

The biggest example is the one created by the Internet of Things.

Some examples, in this sense, could be the 5G, the applications of robotics in the most varied sectors, from that of mechanics to the biomedical field, passing through home automation, strictly connected to the world of automation and telecommunications.

This last branch of technology is closely connected to the most recent aim of innovating the radio structures present in all cities, allowing everyone to be able to connect always and at any time, following the basic concept of smart cities. The idea of covering the entire metropolitan area of a city, for example, requires a WAN-type network, ie a Wide Area Network, which is why this type of innovation causes a radical change also in the city structure, even from the point of view of road routes and means of transport.

This type of operation leads to a vast series of needs, such as that of strengthening the entire electrical structure of a city agglomeration, so as to make these changes possible, which is why we often hear of a concept like that of mobility electricity.

The relationship between the electricity sector and other areas of industry

The future of the electricity sector also involves a further series of possible applications, such as the well-known potential of electric vehicles compared to the classic ones, which consume non-renewable and particularly expensive resources, such as coal and oil: succeeding in create an electric car prototype even more efficient than the one currently on the market, giving a further boost to the development of the electricity sector.

In fact one of the crucial concepts of the new millennium, is namely the process that should lead from the consumption of hydrocarbons to make electricity the most widespread fuel, both in Italy and in Europe.

At the center of this particular situation, moreover, there is the contemporary presence of the classic figures that characterize the trade from the industrial point of view, namely those of the producer and the consumer, who are gradually intersecting, giving life to the so-called "prosumer", that is, one who not only takes part of the processes of acquiring a given good, but also makes a tangible contribution to its development, or of aspects related to it.


It can therefore be said that the classical economy has undergone a slight change, giving a name and a characterization to a hybrid concept like the one just described, with the aim of offering a more complete overview of the figures that are part of the electricity sector, not only from a practical point of view, but also for investors in a market as vast as it is fundamental in our country.

The best-known example of this aspect is the production of electric cars, which summarizes in itself several aspects and sectors, namely the field of electricity, automation and the production of motor vehicles, in addition to the professional figures involved in this specific market, but it would be possible to speak of many other circumstances in which the electricity sector intervenes in this series of processes, as in the case of robotics, automation, progressive digitalization and the spread of telecommunications means to make information transmission more agile among most subjects, in most parts of Italy and Europe.

Speaking instead of actual electrical material, increasingly widespread in Europe is the prewired conduit, a solution that can halve the time spent laying cables, making this operation even safer for humans and the environment.


Posted by Redazione on April 12, 2019

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