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What does rewiring mean? (An what its advantages are)

What does rewiring mean?

It means refurbishing the entire cable system in a home, in order to increase its energy performance and make it safer. Obviously this procedure makes sense when the house in question is rather dated and presents, or has presented, some kind of problem dependent on the electrical system.

It is likely that a house that has not been rewired in the last 30 years may need an operation of this
type: to do this, you need to check if a rewiring has been performed by checking the most
superficial wiring areas, and checking how old the control units are.

The advantages of re-wiring

There are three main advantages of a total rewiring:

  • safety: an electrical system loses its effectiveness as time passes, due to cable wear. This can
    cause more or less serious problems, which can range from the frequent shooting of the meter to the danger of fire: a rewiring reduces to a minimum this type of risks, allowing the tenants to live peacefully and without worries inside their home;
  • comfort: when you decide to proceed with the total rewiring of a building, it would be good to
    consider if you want some type of implementation. In fact, a new house is being built on an electric level: if you want to equip it with an alarm, an anti-fire system, an air conditioner or anything else that needs wired power, it's the right time to think about it;
  • property value: the qualitative leap that will make the economic value of the house, which will be evaluated thousands of euros more than before, is also not indifferent. If you ever decide to sell the house, it will be classified with a higher real estate value than before.

How the rewiring process works

Inspection and revision

The first step to proceed with the wiring of a building is to get an idea of its general map, tracing
the position of lights, sockets and any electrical device present inside: it is also a plan to consult the
tenants and prepare any commercials for the future - as Ethernet inputs in some rooms, or add
electrical outlets where one day you can place a TV. Also adding switches in very spacious rooms,
or providing automatic lighting in the years to come are considerations to make.

It is possible that this type of operation involves moving some of the main connections: in this case, it is important to prepare a plan of the house plan in advance, by specifying which types of substitutions it will be necessary to complete.

In the analysis of the electrical system of the house a check should also be done on the materials
that make up the house, as some operations could go to clash with the current composition of the


The rewiring is carried out in two different moments:

  • first intervention: this operation involves more "structural" works, such as lifting the flooring and opening the walls to strip - and then replace - the old wiring system. It is also the right time to decide what else to replace besides cables;
  • second intervention: once the old wiring system has been uncovered, it will be possible to
    proceed with the actual replacement work, removing what is not up to standard and replacing it with modern and high-performance materials.

Once the whole process has been carried out, it will be enough to close the open breaches to
complete the rewiring: as a rule, everything can be done from 3 to 5 days, statistics that vary mainly according to the size of the house.


Re-wiring is an operation that can change the functioning of a home, and the implementation is not
without risks, the most common of which are:

  • electrocution: having to handle mainly cables, the risk of receiving serious or even serious shocks is more than real, especially when facing the parts of the house at high risk of humidity (bathrooms, laundries, etc ...)
  • damage to the environment: it should not happen, but accidents happen, and it may therefore
    happen that an inattention of workers leads to damage to the home environment in which they are working; after all, the process involves a very radical structural intervention, and it is not
    uncommon for an error to be committed

Prewired: how to maximize the benefits of rewiring

There is a possibility, little used in Italy but very popular abroad, able to cancel almost all of these
problems: it is the prewired conduit, a particular type of cable that guarantees lower costs, a much
higher level of safety and much shorter execution times.

In addition, a prewired conduit guarantees a longer service life, and no maintenance or control.


From all this it emerges that wiring is a very useful solution, which can sometimes even save a
change of residence, with the right planning and the right skills.

We have also seen how a solution exists that can greatly simplify the whole process, also offering
lower costs and lower risks - both to workers and tenants: useful for such a process, the prewired
conduit is perfect for wiring any type of structure already mapped with precision, whether it is
already equipped with a plant or not.
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Posted by Redazione on March 15, 2019

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