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Wiring and renovation: the solution for a fast and quality job

The decision to renovate an environment, domestic or otherwise, can lead to difficulties for those who are preparing for the renovation work, but also for the future inhabitants of the space. It is in fact a delicate phase that involves the need to consider different aspects, whose temporal interlocking is fundamental in order to be able to deliver a property that meets the high quality and safety standards in terms of regulations and housing.
Among the many aspects to be taken into account before starting a renovation there is certainly the study of a possible wiring, especially for the electricity grid.

Regulatory and security aspects

As regards the civil construction sector, the installation design and subsequent maintenance of electrical systems are among the most requested and not only in the restructuring phase. Any work that regards electricity must be carried out with particular care, for operators, but also to deliver buildings and homes that are safe and comfortable for those who are going to live there.

Taking care of electrical systems requires diligent compliance with regulations, not only for a question of functionality, but also for “legal” issues. In fact, every operation must be carried out in compliance with the current safety and quality standards of the plants, as well as duly accompanied by the related TUV certification, which certifies compliance with technical specifications for those operating in the sector.

Choose well-made materials

In this sense, an aspect of particular interest is that which concerns the quality of the electrical technical materials used during the construction of the plants. In fact, these materials must be selected on the basis of well-defined quality standards. Among these important standards is the insulating capacity of the material used.

In this sense, rubber and PVC may not be sufficient to guarantee complete insulation, therefore there is a tendency to opt for systems with heat shrink devices.

It is also important to adapt the type of coating to the material used for each single cable; cable which is generally made of copper, preferred to aluminium. For example, in the case of aluminium cable, self-extinguishing polyethylene as a coating is best suited.

The choice of materials to be used is not a cheap item: choosing quality when it comes to wiring and restructuring means being able to guarantee the safety of workers and truly reliable performance of the electricity grid, which if used in an industrial environment means a greater speed and safety even in work processes, if used in a domestic environment it means safety for the inhabitants.

Wiring in the industrial sector: safe and reliable results

Whether it is a remake of industrial electrical systems previously in use, or from scratch design of electrical systems for the industrial world, it is essential to rely on a partner who knows the subject thoroughly and is updated not only in terms of safety but also of the new materials proposed on the market and techniques to be adopted to keep up with the times.

Technically, the latest trends lead to the installation of a custom-designed main panel according to the needs of the customer and to this connect other sub-panels whose purpose is to manage the total electrical load compared to the machines used and divided for the various sub-boards.

Alternatively, and when the general electrical load allows it, it is possible to update the electrical panels already in use, in order to accommodate new machines.

Wiring in the renovation of a private building

As for private buildings intended for residential use, the needs for which wiring is implemented are linked to the need to prepare the various audio and video systems and to connect electricity in such a way as to adapt to the needs of individual inhabitants. From this point of view, it is common to put as many channels as possible underground, that is to say not visible, so as not to subsequently have problems with audio and video wiring.

For this type of choice, it is important that there is a constant communication between the client and / or architect and those who are doing the work, in order to identify where certain elements of the house will be placed and to prepare the systems correctly. For example, if you have already decided where to place the sofa or TV cabinet, rather than other furniture, it is good that this is communicated promptly to those who design cabling and systems so as to make the work of making the same faster and more fluid according to the desire of the customer.

Test to deliver a work of art

Testing a system or wiring is a matter of no small importance. Through the appropriate testers it is advisable to check the success of the wiring operation before delivering the electrical apparatus and to consider the work completed. Nowadays cabling plays a central role in a renovation, especially for modern homes, where home automation and grid connection are now almost essential; the same applies to renovations of productive buildings, offices or shops.

We also consider, as for every activity, a certain return of the image of the company that carried out the wiring works in an exemplary manner or using innovative solutions, because a work performed in a workmanlike manner is usually appreciated both by the client but even more by the designers or architects who will perhaps be able to establish future collaborations with those same professionals.


Posted by Redazione on December 22, 2019

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